How to Lose Wars and Infuriate People

“Unless American leaders begin accepting limits on what pure military force can achieve (without becoming doves), and more fundamentally, inherent limitations on their power to conduct war, then a sound strategy will never be crafted in war. Rather, we will continue to “do stuff.” Action will be conflated with accomplishment. And, threats will never be mitigated. Instead, they will simply multiply–even as we increase our expenditures and commitments to the conflict.”


The New-Old World Order is Here (Part V)

“Basing our foreign policy on hard-to-discern ideals–or conflating the ideals that must define the American citizens’ relationship with his government with the kind of brutish action that is often necessary to preserve the national interest abroad–is idiotic.”

Outlook: Trump’s North Korea Options Are Bad–But Choose He Must!

“The president’s options on North Korea are bad. However, the president must make a choice. This is the sad world we currently live in today. It’s a simple lose-lose calculation: do we lose little by dictating the course of conflict with preemptive strikes before North Korea gets fully functional ICBMs, or do we lose big by suffering a mass casualty attack and, potentially, being forced out of the Asia-Pacific entirely?”

Yes, Iraq Still Matters to America–More Now Than Ever

This is Part 1 of The Weichert Report’s 4-part symposium strategy on how to defeat the Islamic State and why it’s important. As the title suggests, Iraq still matters to America. It is the first–and last–line of defense in the prevention of a radical Sunni, Wahhābī vs. radical Shia, Mahdīst war that could go nuclear and will definitely destabilize the entire region.