Russia Should Fear China, Not Embrace Them

“China and the United States are on the long road to strategic competition, saddling up to China will not make Russia a great player on the world stage; it will make Russia just another tributary state in the growing Neo-Chinese Empire. Instead, Russia should seek to embrace the West, in order to better defend against their restless Chinese neighbors.”


America’s Asia Wobble; China’s Western Swing

For 8 years, the Obama Administration has expressed its intention to Pivot toward Asia. It has yet to effectively do so. Meanwhile, the Chinese continue their aggression and begin a pivot of their own: toward the West. The Obama pivot is incomplete and America’s dominant position in the Asia-Pacific has been lost.

Perverse Paradox: America’s Recent Legal Victory Over China Is Actually a Loss for Stability in Asia

The recent United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) ruling that China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea are categorically illegal will not bring much-needed stability to the Asia-Pacific. Indeed, this ruling will lead to still more instability. Read more to find out why.