Brandon J. Weichert on Geopolitics in the Age of Trump

Geopolitical expert, Brandon J. Weichert, was featured on the Seth & Chris Show to discuss geopolitics in the age of Trump (as well as domestic politics). These are the portions of the interview pertainining to foreign policy.


The Next Great Alliance: India and the United States

“Make no mistake: India and America are shaping up to build the next great geopolitical alliance.”

Understanding Russia’s Role In Afghanistan

Here is my next article at American Greatness. In a follow-up piece to my article on America’s need to exit Afghanistan by using India, I address how Russia’s increased presence in Afghanistan could complicate that strategy and how to make Russia work with the Trump Administration in its goal of winning the War in Afghanistan and bringing the troops home.

Bangladesh at a Crossroads: Modernity or Medievalism?

Following the Islamic State’s savage Dhaka Cafe Attack this last week, I provide a detailed background of Bangladesh, its history, its cultural inclinations, its politics, and where I think the country is headed. Needless to say, like so much of the Muslim world, demographics are working against the pro-Western, secular government.