Brandon J. Weichert on Geopolitics in the Age of Trump

Geopolitical expert, Brandon J. Weichert, was featured on the Seth & Chris Show to discuss geopolitics in the age of Trump (as well as domestic politics). These are the portions of the interview pertainining to foreign policy.

Brandon J. Weichert On the French Election & GOP Healthcare Reform Bill – Seth & Chris Show – 5 May 2017

Brandon J. Weichert talks to Christopher Buskirk of the Seth and Chris Show about the French election and the GOP healthcare reform.

INTERVIEW ALERT: Christopher Buskirk of the Seth & Chris Show Interviewed Me to Discuss the #FlynnResignation

Here is my interview with Christopher Buskirk, co-host of Arizona’s Seth & Chris Show as well as a contributing editor of American Greatness. I discuss the Mike Flynn resignation and where I think President Trump goes from here.