When Turnbull Met Trump…

The recent row between U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has sent the mainstream analysts and media spasming again. Fears of the end of the U.S.-Australian alliance abound. These fears, like so many fears today, are groundless. The alliance is strong. The reasons? China, the U.S. Navy, and Australia’s maritime trade. Understand this dynamic and you understand why the U.S. and Australia are virtually inseparable. Read more to learn why

The Pentagon Should File for a Divorce From the F-35

The F-35 is a boondoggle and the Department of Defense seems incapable of terminating the program. The need for a new warplane is vital. But, the best replacement, the F-22, has been ignored and downsized to our nation’s peril. This article advocates for a return of the F-22 and an end to the blind commitment that the DoD has for the F-35.