Losing the War on Drugs, Part II: Mexico & Regional Destabilization

The Drug War has raged for over forty years. Yet, since 2006, the global War on Drugs has taken a turn for the truly awful. The Mexican Drug War has cost over 100,000 lives, it has destabilized not only Mexico, but also the entire Central American region (and, with Venezuela destabilizing on its own, the instability caused by drug cartels could spread there as things get more desperate). This piece assesses Mexico’s War on Drugs and how the U.S. can best respond to this instability.

Losing the War on Drugs, Part I: The Supply Side

In this 3-part series on the failing American War on Drugs, I address the question of fighting the war on the Supply Side and how that is the most important, near-term aspect of winning this wholly winnable conflict.