Twentieth Century Rejects: Bernie Sanders and Socialism

In this piece, I assess Bernie’s sick love affair with the Cuban Revolution and how there is no practical distinction between “socialism” and “communism.” I also make the case that socialism was a natural response to the Industrial Revolution but today we’ve had far too much centralization and Bernie would take us in the wrong direction.

Who Benefits? The EU’s Demise and the Nationalists’ Rise (All on Russia’s Time)

Right-wing Populism and nationalism has swept across the West. The EU is dying. Russia is in the wings. Who benefits? Read on to find out.

PODCAST–The 2016 Presidential Election: Donald Trump Will Win

In this podcast, I argue that Donald Trump will win the 2016 Presidential Election, due to ongoing global trends indicating a massive reaction from Right-Wing populists. The rise of Duterte in the Philippines, the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), and Brexit are but some of the indicators that things are trending away from the post-Cold War Globalist consensus and toward a new nationalism. I hope you enjoy and discuss.