Stop Listening to Foreign Policy Experts

“It’s not surprising that the neoconservatives who pushed us into the most self-destructive war in recent history (and also spearheaded the neoliberal economic policies that led us into the Great Recession of 2008), then got rich and famous off books detailing the “coming collapse of the United States”┬ábecause of the failed wars and economic policies they had spent the previous two decades advocating for!”

Next Time, Trump Should Invite Western Press to Cover Historic Meetings

President Trump should disinvite all press from his high-level meetings, or selectively exclude the Western media outlets that he dislikes. It’s bad form to exclude everyone but the Russian state-owned press.

Don’t Freak Out: Putin Is Just Trolling America

Accusations of Russian hacking of the U.S. elections, claims of strange Trump ties with Putin, the recent resignation of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, and the presence of a Russian spy ship off of the east coast all indicate that Vladimir Putin is waging a concerted attack on America. However, I believe that these may be unrelated. I believe that he’s just trolling America. Read on to find out how and why