Understanding Digital Security

In my inaugural piece at the new publication, Real Clear Public Affairs, I warn that the US is susceptible to a cyberspace Pearl Harbor attack. I address how to defend ourselves.

Where is DARPA?

“If DARPA and other ‘innovation hubs’ in the government cannot or will not accomplish their core mission, then they are unnecessary and should be cut.”

The U.S. Needs A Preemptive Cyber Warfare Doctrine

In the wake of another round of massive, debilitating cyber attacks upon America from a rival state, the U.S. needs to get serious about cyber warfare. As it stands, our current doctrine is totally insufficient at preventing cyber attacks. Thus, the U.S. needs to craft a preemptive, offensive cyber warfare doctrine to force other actors to come to the table and agree to a framework for the responsible usage of cyberspace in peacetime.