Only the Gulf States Can Offer a Solution to the Refugee Crisis (Which They Won’t)

“At a time when Saudi Arabia in particular is seeking to create a grand regional alliance to counter the rising Iranian hegemony, taking an open-handed approach to the refugee crisis being kicked up by Saudi Arabia and Iran’s regional proxy wars is one, sure way to win a major soft power victory in that ongoing struggle. It should also be America’s price of admission for dealing with this alliance: if the Sunni Arab states want American backing for this endeavor against Iran, these states must accept the lion’s share of Muslims fleeing the region’s various civil conflicts.”


A Mideast Expert Reviews Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s Book, “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War”

Mideast expert, Nathan Field, writes an excellent review of “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War” written by my friend and colleague, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who is now the Deputy Special Assistant to President Donald J. Trump. Read on for his analysis